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We are really grateful that you are thinking about making a financial contribution to The Parish Trust. This page explains how your money helps, what it costs to run the charity, and how you can make a donation today…

How will my donation help?

We hope that our website will give you a flavour of how your donations have impacted our work and enriched the lives of countless people since we began in 2020. 

Any donation, no matter how large or small, will help us keep the charity going and growing.  But as an example…

A £20 donation will…

  • Keep our CARE Project phone line going for 2 weeks 
  • Allow us to make 2 trips to our partner organisations to pick up chilled and frozen food for our CARE Project
  • Allow us to subsidise the cost of our Parent and Toddler group – Tommy’s Tots for a week
  • Allow us to pay a living wage to a member of staff


How much does it cost to run the charity?

It costs a significant amount of money each year to run The Parish Trust. This is because there are things such as gas, electricity, insurance, staff wages, training, and essential supplies to deliver our services that need paying for. 

In 2020, we needed £250,000 to run The Parish Trust. We like to be really transparent with our annual accounts, and you can access them here.

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